Free from pain

Free from pain

Daniel Hender

Daniel grew up in Tuncurry, Taree, and Wingham. He moved to Brisbane in 2001, where he studied a Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australian Institute of Applied Science. Within 2 months of starting the course, Daniel was working for Majestic Health Massage, a highly regarded clinic in Brisbane, Gold coast and Sydney. He completed an Elite Sports Massage Certificate in 2004. By the time Daniel had finished his diploma he had massaged NRL players, The South African Union Team – The Bulls, Australian netballers, and a handful of Olympic Gold Medallist in Beach Volleyball and Hockey. Within a year of completing the diploma he had massaged the Australian Cricket Team, Celebrities, QLD Body Building Champion and more

June 2007 he changed clinics to Kenmore Centre for Health, where he learnt simple and effective Structural Aligning Techniques, and specialised in pregnancy massage

October 2008, Daniel moved back home and started Hender Massage

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Started Massaging: Feb 2004
Studied at: Australian Institute of Applied Sciences
Born: Tennant Creek NT
Specialty: Migraines, Backs, sciatica
Modalities: Sports, remedial, trigger point, cupping
Achievements: Nationals T20 Cricket 2017  & 2018, 3kids, 4 day MTB race 2019, 3 futsal championships 2020 2021 2022
Hobbies: Mtb, cycling, soccer, futsal, basketball, Netflix
Goals: Canadian 7day Mtb race, win a road race
Favourite Saying: Never give up
Something nobody knows about me: I had a crush on Shania Twain =]


Started Massaging: 2008
Studied at: School of Integrated Body Therapy
Born: Taree
Specialty: Back and Shoulders
Modalities: Sports Massage, remedial, myofascial, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy and cranio sacral therapy
Achievements: Won a couple of golf trophies a few years ago. But now they have chopped down my handicap so it can never happen again lol
A little about me: I am a mum of four. Once upon a time I was an exchange student in Korea; uni student; sign writter; gymnastics coach; dance teacher… Not all at once. Now I am a massage therapist, still a mum and loving it!
Favourite Music: Good mix of old and new – love something to dance to
Goals: To enjoy life and to be a famous artist
Something nobody knows about me: I’m not really blonde


Started Massaging: 2014
Studied at: Endeavour Collage of Natural Health
Born: Coffs Harbour
Specialty: Back, shoulders and legs
Modalities: Remedial, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology aromatherapy, hot stone, pregnancy
Favourite Music: Alternative rock, pop music, songs you can dance to
Favourite Saying: You will always find a way
Goals: To buy a house with my fiancé
Something nobody knows about me: I’m very quiet, until I get to know you
Hobbies: Reformer Palates


Started Massaging: 2005
Studied at: Hunter Institute of TAFE
Born: Armidale
Specialty: Neck
Modalities: Sports Massage, remedial, cupping, myo facial, trigger point, muscle activation, stretching
Achievements: Diploma or remedial massage
Hobbies: Hockey, fishing, Tuesday pub and trivia, anything sport related
Goals: win a hockey premiership, increase knowledge and skills
Something nobody knows about me: Blackbelt in Hranis / Balintauak

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Client Testimonials

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Yvonne Kelly

World Triathlete Competitor

I am a triathlete who has competed in 3 World Championships. My best placing was fifth in 1990. I have since dabbled in adventure racing competing in events like the Anaconda and Geoquest adventure races. What I love about Hender Massage is the convenience. Because Hender Massage is mobile, I don’t waste time traveling and can continue to relax after my massage so the benefits last longer. Time is certainly precious especially when competing, working full time and raising a family.

Arash Samali

Body Building Champion

Daniel has massaged me for three years and I have found it to be great way of releasing the stress on my muscles after hard workouts and has helped my injury management. I have recommended Daniel to my clients and friends and they would agree with me that Daniel is the best masseuse they have ever had

Grant Webster

International Cyclist

Hender Massage has helped me greatly over the last 12 months to increase my recovery and performance for competitive cycling events. I would highly recommend them to any elite athlete

Alissa Stone – Massage Therapist

I have enjoyed having Daniel as my massage therapist for the past 3yrs. Having been in the massage industry for over 16yrs myself, I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel to anyone looking for a professional therapist who gets results

Paul Muir – Back Pain

I suffer from neck and back pain, some days i can barely move, after an hour massage from Daniel I feel fantastic and cannot believe the difference it makes every time

Cate Jeffree – Stress

I appreciate HMA’s professional services of mobile massage. It has changed my outlook and relaxed my life since being able to avail myself of Hender Massage Australia in my own home. Daniel has helped considerably in releasing stress and injury from life’s pressures with great skill and an exceptionally professional manner while being personable and caring. Thank you Daniel, I look forward to my massage sessions with anticipation

Tanya Murry – Migraines

I have now had massages with Daniel a few times now and he I have found him to be professional and helpful. I ring him when I have a migraine and he tries to fit me in as soon as possible. Having someone coming to your home helps a lot, as you do not have to drive afterwards. I would recommend Daniel to anyone and I have done

Nick Day – Back Pain

I appreciate HMA’s professional services of mobile massage. It has changed my outlook and relaxed my life since being able to avail myself of Hender Massage Australia in my own home. Daniel has helped considerably in releasing stress and injury from life’s pressures with great skill and an exceptionally professional manner while being personable and caring. Thank you Daniel, I look forward to my massage sessions with anticipation

Michelle Newton – Hip, Lower Back and Shoulder Pain

When it comes to Remedial, sports and deep tissue massage or pregnancy massage and structural realignment, Daniel would have to be one of Australia’s best. Being massaged by someone who has massaged some of Australia’s elite sports people gives me great confidence that I am receiving the best care, and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for the very professional way you approach your work Daniel, and the excellent results your massages provide

Maggie Vincent – Posture Problems

My family, from my 7 yr old daughter to my 86 yr old mum LOVE Hender Massage. I use this service to keep me well, relaxed and ahead of the game… Everyone I have referred through has been delighted – making me look good in their eyes too. And all in the comfort of our own homes – BLISS!

Paul Loughnan – Shoulder and Hip Pain

Daniel is amazing. He has massaged me for about three years and each time I cannot believe how talented he is. He has a real gift for remedial massage and is a professional of the highest degree. I have recommended him to friends, neighbours and relations and they are all of the same opinion

Helen Pursch – Shoulder

I like Daniel’s strong and thorough massage – he has helped me tremendously with tennis elbow and a shoulder injury. Daniel offers an excellent service

Denise Green – Hand pain

I have been using Hender Massage for approximately 3 months, for back & hand pain. I definitely recommend them as I have had great results. They are brilliant for relaxation massage as well, and the best thing of all is they come to you

Kate Rados – Feet and Headaches

I would just like to thank you for your a great service over the last few years. As I am person who pushes life to the max, your massages have relieved many muscular problems and have got me back on track. Your manner and professionalism are excellent and you always make me feel as ease. Many thanks

Tanya Simmonds – Migraines and Back Pain

I work full-time and also a casual job so being able to have a massage at home at night with your own creature comforts around you and not having to drive anywhere after a massage is much more relaxing and means I dont have to try to fit it in around my very busy life. Daniel is very professional and is the only massage therapist that has made a difference with my back and neck injuries, if I could buy his hands I would. Not only does remedial and deep tissue massage and structural alignment help to relax me, but mobility is easier and my sleep routine is much better after a massage. Daniel has also helped to provide me with exercises that I do daily to help strengthen my muscles. I messaged Daniel lat time I had a migraine and he fitted me in within a few hours. I look forward to my regular massages every 2-3 weeks. I have recommended Hender Massage to my friends and family and they too are obtaining great results

Kay Clynick – Bulging Disc

It was not long after moving to Hallidays Point, when I suffered a debilitating back problem – bulging lumber discs. The local GP suggested Physiotherapy & analgesia, as it would take months to improve if at all, but thought surgery would most likely be required. Surgery as far as I was concerned was out of the question. I had been seeing a Chiropractor for a few weeks but was not improving as fast as I would like, so considered to try massage therapy as well. I looked up the yellow pages & there staring in my face was an ad “I COME TO YOU”, Hender Massage. So I rang & made an appointment. What a great decision. On the appointed day & on time, a very polite Daniel appeared on the doorstep. After the first massage I considered he knew what he was doing so decided to continue with him. I have been having regular treatments now for 3 months & am finally able to move easier with little pain. I know, that without Daniel’s great massaging technique, I would certainly have ended up having surgery. I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism, knowledge & understanding. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who requires massage therapy

Alan Pursch – Dragon Boat Competitor

Daniel gives an excellent massage – thorough, tailored to individual needs, and always therapeutic

Ern Death – Neck pain

I have enjoyed & benefited from a monthly massage for the past 12 months & can recommend Hender massage to anyone seeking a professional in this field

Kevin Lee – ITB and Back pain

Daniel gave me a one hour massage and it was great. I had a couple of tight and sore muscles and he was able to release these. Not only did I feel very relaxed immediately afterwards but it is now 5 days later and the benefits are still apparent (moving freely). I’ll certainly be lining up again. Ps Thanks again, great massage!

Jenny Everett – Ruptured Disc

I have been using Hender Massage Australia for several years now to assist with sports injuries & general muscle soreness from the rigours of dairy farming. Daniel is very professional in everything he does and never fails to deliver a very thorough massage. The convenience of him coming to you is great too. Allowing me to have little interruption to my busy schedule is a big plus. Thanks Daniel, love your work !!

Bev Patterson – Neck and RSI

My husband Rod and I have had Daniel Hender, massage us several times in the privacy and convenience of our own place of business and we highly recommend his services. His massage technique really works your sore muscles and we always feel revived and ready to go again the next day

Graham Muller – Neck and Back

I’m a long-term sufferer from neck and back pain. Over the years I’ve sought relief from numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists with varying degrees of success. After a recent chance recommendation, I engaged the services of Daniel Hender. After just two sessions my pain has reduced substantially, I have greater mobility and energy, and an improved mood. Daniel is a true professional, certainly knows his craft, is pleasant and punctual. The convenience of being treated in your own home is obvious. I shall continue to use Daniel’s service as needs be, and have no hesitation in recommending him to everyone

Josh Polly – Carpel Tunnel and Hamstrings 

I have been using Hender Massage Australia for several years now to assist with sports injuries & general muscle soreness from the rigours of dairy farming. Daniel is very professional in everything he does and never fails to deliver a very thorough massage. The convenience of him coming to you is great too. Allowing me to have little interruption to my busy schedule is a big plus. Thanks Daniel, love your work !!

Keith Ross – Back Pain

After putting up with a very painful lower back problem for a number of month’s a neighbor recommended Daniel Hender. Daniel diagnosed my problem, and after an hour’s massage i could move a lot more freely and felt a lot less pain. As i have had this problem for some time now, i know i will need follow up treatment, so Daniel gave me some stretching exercises to do until my next appointment. Daniel acted in a very professional manner at all times and i would not hesitate to recommend him

Billy Higgins – Rotor cuff

Have been having “Remedial Massage” done by Daniel now for over 2 years now and he has managed to keep me in a very healthy state and when I do not have a massage due to my work lifestyle, I do feel a lot worse for it. My posture and awareness of how to maintain myself is a lot due to Daniel and his natural ability to feel and work on your body to keep it healthy and to the best level possible. Thanks mate, all the best and hope you can keep up this care for many years to come

Monica Samali – Pregnant

Hi Daniel, I just want to thank you for coming to my home during my pregnancy for massage. I would have thought that massage was impossible since it was difficult to lie on my stomach, but your specially designed cushion made it not only possible, but also very comfortable and supportive right up towards the end of my pregnancy. I was one of those people that had reservations about getting massages, especially from a male masseuse, however, your professional and courteous service as well as the convenience of coming to my home, made me feel very relaxed and completely at ease which I really appreciated. Thanks again! Monica Samali

Sherren Ong – Upper Back Pain

Since being under Daniel’s care, my back and neck no longer give me the pain that I suffered in the past, he has consistently kept the muscles under control…” “..He is truly at the top of his field in my opinion and I value his treatment and advice.” “Daniel shows great care for every patient and their individual needs. He has also treated my daughter, Ashton, with great success. He is very pleasant in his manner, makes you feel completely relaxed during treatment and has a wonderful sense of humour. I highly recommend this gentleman to all ages…”

John “Stomper” Winterburn – President of Willowbank Raceway

Daniels expertise and professional manner ensures that every session is a highly enjoyable experience. My health and outlook has improved, and my pains have been significantly reduced since I have started using his services. I would recommend Daniel to anyone

Jill Illidge

Ahhhhhhh, thanks Daniel

Steve Richardson – Ankle and Hip Pain

Hender offers knowledgeable advice – Experienced sports masseur – Natural healing for wellbeing – Dedicated professional – Enjoyable experience worth trying – Radiating relaxation

Alan Pursch – Dragon Boat Competitor

I have received one massage from Daniel. It was a very good massage and relieved my pain at the time; 24 hours later I am still feeling very comfortable and have arranged another massage in a few weeks time. Thank you Daniel. I look forward to continuing with a regime of frequent massage

Bronwen Forsyth – Ironman

I’m a competitive triathlete based in Brisbane who has been using Daniel Hender for the past three years. Massage is essential for any triathlete who wishes to keep their body in top condition and able to cope with the strains that training and competition places upon it. I have little doubt that without Daniel, I could not have completed riding +1600 km from Brisbane to Townsville or competing at Goondoowindi’s ‘Hell of the West’ Triathlon (2/80/20). I prefer to use Hender Massage Australia (HMA) for the following reasons: 1. Ease. HMA come to you! This has been essential in order to squeeze massage into my busy lifestyle (I train six days a week, study full-time and work part-time). 2. Professionalism. I have never felt awkward or uncomfortable with HMA. My privacy is respected at all times. 3. Performance. I race stronger and recover quicker with HMA. So do yourself and your body a favour and make an appointment with HMA today!

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Early 2011 I injured my back at work resulting in a herniated disk in my lower back which was extremely painful, and I was unable to continue work. I was sent to see specialists in Sydney by my G.P, they recommended that i had a operation to relieve the pain , this was out if the question for me there was no way I wanted to go through that unless there was no other option. I had been receiving massages from Daniel Pryor to my injury and found him to be extremely professional and caring. With weekly massages from Daniel since my injury I have been able to return to work full time 38 hrs a week totally avoiding operations. Daniel has given me stretching exercises to do each day, as well as Core strengthening exercises which has been extremely helpful in regaining my return to work. Now back to receiving massages monthly. I highly recommend Hender Massage. It defiantly has huge benefits in enabling people to return to work after serious injury

Darren Bird - Herniated Disc

I would like to thank you for making both pregnancies as comfortable as possible with your pregnancy massages. For the first pregnancy I was experiencing a sciatic pain down my right leg and cramps in my calves, you were able to ease both these pains and make life so much easier. Not to mention your comfy pregnancy pillows/cushions let me lay on my tummy with ease. This pregnancy I also had the flu for 5 weeks and managed to pull a muscle in my back and was unable to even change my daughters nappy, until you gave me a massage and I was able to get off the massage table and lift my arms in the air straight away. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered after your help. I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family (in fact I already have) for any massage, but especially pregnancy massages!

Hayley Beazley - Pregnant

I started seeing Daniel on the recommendation of a friend who had found relief from back pain after Daniel had treated him. I had shoulder pain, neck pain and head aches, which were impacting on my life. Once a regular swimmer I was forced to reduce my swimming due to headaches. Since seeing Daniel, I am now swimming regularly again without pain. I no longer have neck stiffness or pain due to pinched nerves. I now have freedom of movement of my neck. My life is more relaxed and I am able to be more active free from pain. In the past I have seen many different practitioners with different issues of pain. Daniel has been able to treat successfully ailments that I have had ongoing issues with for years. I continue to see Daniel to maintain the benefits of his massage and for a treat

Patricia Hopkins - Migraines

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Massage prevents injury and encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, stretching / loosening muscles and connective tissue, keeping them elastic

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