Relieves tension

Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

Improves circulation and lymph flow

Reduces muscle tension

Decreases connective tissue tightness

More oxygen to muscles

Lowers blood pressure

Strengthens immune system

Decreases depression

Enhances body awareness

Increased rate of removal of waste products

Greater rate of healing from injury and exercise

Helps manage pain

Improves flexibility

Benefits all the bodies systems

Reduces adhesions / knots

Improves breathing

Reduces cramping and spasms

Improves posture

and more

Free from pain

People who trust

Hender Massage

Hender Massage has massaged International sportsmen in iron-man, cycling, tennis, netball, hockey, NRL, swimming, union and more. Daniel Hender has worked with the Australian Cricket Team when they were ranked number one and he has massaged the international rugby union team - the South African Bulls. Hender Massage has worked with Billy Slater - Australian Rugby League, QLD State of Origin, Melbourne Storm player and massaged the QLD body building champion, Arash Samali - he's been winning belts since 1999 and is in the hall of fame. Daniel Hender worked with the QLD Ballet performers before and after touring around the world !


Remedial massage

Remedial is any massage that is a remedy to a client’s problematic soft tissue. Remedial massage uses several specialised techniques to locate and repair damages to muscles, tendons and joints. Remedial massage supports and speeds up the body’s own repair mechanisms. This is done to create the conditions for the body’s return to normal health after injury. Remedial massage removes blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions left after injury, speeds up recovery and encourages more complete healing. Remedial massage is also used for conditions created by lifestyle for example repetitive strain injury and back pain. It is designed to increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly in the injured areas. Remedial massage has particular success with long-standing back and compound injuries that have resisted previous treatments. Once a serious injury is properly healed, further treatment is only needed if another injury is sustained or prevention is required. Recurrent injuries are injuries that have never been effectively treated. This form of massage does not set out to relax the patient, the intention is more to fix a mechanical problem. However all-round health improvement is seen: better sleep, increase in vitality and performance levels, increased mobility and people are more relaxed for three to four days after treatment. Many debilitating conditions that people associate with age can be traced back to an old injury and treated successfully with a return of free movement and strength

Free from pain

Sports massage

Sports massage is a type of massage that is specifically tailored to sporting injuries or ailments. It is not meant to be a relaxing massage and indeed, can become quite vigorous at times. Contrary to its name, sports massage is not only utilised by professional sportspeople or people that exercise heavily. It is of benefit to anyone that exercises, even if it is only mild exercise such as regular walking. The purpose of sports massage is designed to prevent and relieve injuries and conditions that are associated with exercise and increase their competitive edge . It can often be quite strenuous and is meant to relieve and reduce the stress and tension that can build up within the body’s soft tissues while exercising. It can be carried out before, during, or after playing sport or exercising and uses techniques that are designed to increase endurance and performance, to minimise the chances of injury and, if there is an injury, to reduce the recovery time. Sports massage can treat a variety of ailments and injuries that may occur as a result of exercise. It also has other benefits that allow you to train or exercise more efficiently. Some benefits that sports massage has include: ENHANCED PERFORMANCE INCREASES ENDURANCE INJURY PREVENTION EXTENDED ATHLETIC CAREER Draining away fatigue Relieving swelling Reducing muscle tension Promoting flexibility Injuries that occur as a result of overexertion or overuse Relieving pain Improving heart rate and blood pressure Increasing blood circulation and lymph flow Treating injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbows, sprains and strains, corked thighs etc. Sportsmen and women attend regularly to ensure that unnoticeable small injuries are treated before they reduce performance and become debilitating

Free from pain

Deep Tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle, tendons and the connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the deeper layers in the muscle bodies, specifically the individual muscle fibers. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes, laborers and massage therapists, anyone who puts the body under a lot of physical stress), and patients who have sustained physical injury. It is not uncommon for receivers of deep tissue massage to have their pain replaced with a muscle ache for a day or two. Using deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle, the purpose of Deep Tissue Massage is to separate the fibers of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held tension points. Specific hand positions and strokes are used to respond to various tissues while breath and movement techniques are employed to release muscular congestion. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly, thereby helping flush the tissues out. It is both corrective and therapeutic. It is beneficial for many physical problems, including sports injuries and chronic pain. Deep Tissue Massage usually focuses on specific areas and may cause some soreness during or after the session. You should feel better within a day or two. Water helps to eliminate toxins from the body so it is important to drink plenty of water after a Deep Tissue Massage to help this process along. People have reported improved range of movement and function after having deep tissue massage. It ranks very highly among people suffering from pain associated with osteoarthritis and hamstring problems. It can also help: chronic pain, recovery from injuries, corks, repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and muscle tension or spasm. There may be some discomfort or pain associated with the massage as tight spots are worked on so it’s important to breathe deeply as the therapist works as this will help ease tensions and relax you more. You should also drink plenty of water after the treatment to flush away metabolic waste from the tissues

Free from pain

Myofascial Treatment

The most under rated treatment. The fascia connects everything in our body – skin attaches, organs held in place, muscles attach to bones and bones to bones (tendins and ligaments are made of fascia). There are many ways to reduce fascia tension; cupping, holding special skin stretches, bowen massage etc. It is beleived that muscle can only let go as much as the fascia will allow it


Pregnancy Massage

A massage while pregnant is done with a special Pregnancy Cushion (body support system), so you get the best benefit and comfort from your massage. The specially designed cushion has room for your tummy and breasts allowing the expecting mother to lay down on her front and get a proper remedial massage. For women who have used the body support system during their pregnancy, some have requested for it to be used after, when they no longer require the cushion, as it is so comfortable. It has been used for people with stomach issues related to surgery, hiatus hernias and breast cancer survivors. A Pregnancy Massage is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself, or the mum-to-be. It is an Old Wives Tale that a woman should not be massaged during the first trimester of pregnancy. Daniel Hender has worked with hundreds women from trying to conceive, in the first trimester and all the way through to the day before birth. All with positive results, all having great relief from the conditions related to carrying an unborn child. After birth, it is recommended to wait two weeks before receiving a massage when a natural delivery has occurred. When a cesarean birth has been needed, generally four weeks is preferred, though under certain circumstances, these times can be shortened but a seated massage will most likely be conducted. Massage can be very useful in assisting the body to adjust to the numerous changes during pregnancy: It helps with the aches and pains associated with pregnancy such as lower back pain, sacrum pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. It relieves spasms and cramps in the calves, back, neck and upper shoulders. It reduces stress and helps you to relax, both physically and mentally. It improves circulation and lymph flow to help edema of the ankles, feet etc. It is highly recommended to be consistent with your massages if you want to help your body manage the major changes of pregnancy. Every two to four weeks up until birth is most common

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Structural Alignment

Align your hips, legs, shoulders, and sacrum without having to see a chiropractor. Hender Massage Australia use techniques to gently align your body, by manipulating muscles and fascia. When just one part of the human body is not in the correct alignment, every major muscle is then over worked or under utilised, causing a small but major rift in the bodies structure. There are 8 load-bearing joints; ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. All of these play a great role to keep the body stable and balanced. If the right hip is up too high, the right shoulder has to lower itself to stablise the body putting pressure on the left lower back, left neck, right hip flexors and hamstrings and the list continues. Structural alignment is utilised in every massage performed by Hender Massage. It creates better outcomes that last substantially longer, than a massage with out realignment. When a car’s wheel alignment is out, it wears the tires, suspension, joints, bearings etc at a much quicker rate. The car’s peak performance is compromised and the fuel consumption is thirstier. Our bodies are biological machines that need servicing, to lower the rate of wear and to keep us running efficient and effective, in our profession of choice

Need a massage? you Need a hender massage

Swedish / Relaxation

Gentle, soft sweeping strokes over the skin to relax the mind and body



A massage of the hands and feet. Basically the feet are a map of the body in miniature, by stimulating particular ‘reflexes’ it will help to balance the body

Trigger Point Therapy

A western modality, that uses special points of the body to relax the muscles. 80 percent of trigger points are also acupressure points

Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymph system is our immune system. By utilising special and very gental techniques we can move excess fluid around/out of the body, boost your immune system and reduce inflamation 


Invest in your health

Massage prevents injury and encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, stretching / loosening muscles and connective tissue, keeping them elastic

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