Benifits of Massage

Massage encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, stretching and loosening muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic


  •        Relieves tension headaches
  •        Relieves stress and promotes relaxation
  •        Improves circulation and lymph flow
  •        Reduces muscle tension
  •        Decreases connective tissue tightness
  •        More oxygen to muscles
  •        Increased rate of removal of waste products
  •        Greater rate of healing from injury and exercise
  •        Helps manage pain
  •        Improves flexibility
  •        Benefits the bodies systems
  •        Reduces adhesions / knots
  •        Improves breathing
  •        Reduces cramping and spasms
  •        Improves posture
  •        Lowers blood pressure
  •        Strengthens immune system
  •        Decreases depression
  •        Enhances body awareness



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