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Free from pain

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Free from pain

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Hender Massage ?

The team at Hender Massage will tailor your massage to suit your requirements. Helping migraines, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, stress/anxiety and more

Hender Massage is located at 46 Muldoon St West, Taree ( across the road from the golf course )

You can book your HENDER Massage through this webpage. It is quick and simple. Access it through your laptop, tablet or mobile, 25 hours per day / 8 day a week

What is a Hender Massage?

Sports, remedial , myofascial and deep tissue massage. Hender is the last name of Daniel Hender. He grew up in the Mid Coast and most people know him as “Hender”.  The team at Hender Massage will do their best to acheive the greatest results


Elite athletes choose Hender Massage

Hender has massaged the Australian Cricket team, Olympic Gold medallists in hockey, QLD Ballet, Body building champions, and more

In the Manning Valley, athletes from all over have have there aches and pains treated at Hender Massage. Billy Slater the Australian rugby league player, Alex Cudlin / Josh Hook both motorcycle endurance champions, Lonnie Funderburke Jr the USA basketball player…

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Pain? We can help

Back pain, migraines, neck issues, chronic pain, planta fasciitis, hammy strains, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfer’s elbow, carpel tunnel, sciatica, calf tears, achilles issues, heal pain, headaches, jaw issues – TMJ, and more

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health fund rebates

We are registered with all known health funds in Australia. We give you a receipt for you to claim. The best way to claim is via Your health fund’s mobile app

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Gift vouchers are ideal for Christmas, birthdays, Mothers/Fathers day, or just to say thank you

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Need a massage?   You need a hender massage

Client Testimonials

Early 2011 I injured my back at work resulting in a herniated disk in my lower back which was extremely painful, and I was unable to continue work. I was sent to see specialists in Sydney by my G.P, they recommended that i had a operation to relieve the pain , this was out if the question for me there was no way I wanted to go through that unless there was no other option. I had been receiving massages from Daniel Pryor to my injury and found him to be extremely professional and caring. With weekly massages from Daniel since my injury I have been able to return to work full time 38 hrs a week totally avoiding operations. Daniel has given me stretching exercises to do each day, as well as Core strengthening exercises which has been extremely helpful in regaining my return to work. Now back to receiving massages monthly. I highly recommend Hender Massage. It defiantly has huge benefits in enabling people to return to work after serious injury

Darren Bird - Herniated Disc

I would like to thank you for making both pregnancies as comfortable as possible with your pregnancy massages. For the first pregnancy I was experiencing a sciatic pain down my right leg and cramps in my calves, you were able to ease both these pains and make life so much easier. Not to mention your comfy pregnancy pillows/cushions let me lay on my tummy with ease. This pregnancy I also had the flu for 5 weeks and managed to pull a muscle in my back and was unable to even change my daughters nappy, until you gave me a massage and I was able to get off the massage table and lift my arms in the air straight away. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered after your help. I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family (in fact I already have) for any massage, but especially pregnancy massages!

Hayley Beazley - Pregnant

I started seeing Daniel on the recommendation of a friend who had found relief from back pain after Daniel had treated him. I had shoulder pain, neck pain and head aches, which were impacting on my life. Once a regular swimmer I was forced to reduce my swimming due to headaches. Since seeing Daniel, I am now swimming regularly again without pain. I no longer have neck stiffness or pain due to pinched nerves. I now have freedom of movement of my neck. My life is more relaxed and I am able to be more active free from pain. In the past I have seen many different practitioners with different issues of pain. Daniel has been able to treat successfully ailments that I have had ongoing issues with for years. I continue to see Daniel to maintain the benefits of his massage and for a treat

Patricia Hopkins - Migraines

Invest in your health

Massage prevents injury and encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, stretching / loosening muscles and connective tissue, keeping them elastic